How to Streamline Your Content Translation Process


If you are looking for a way to improve the quality of your content translation, consider implementing terminology databases. These databases work together with translation memory to improve the quality of the translation process. The database helps ensure that the same version of your translation appears throughout your various marketing channels. This type of tool is ideal for websites that use specialized terms.


Transifex is a content translation platform designed for businesses. Its simple interface is complemented by a wide range of custom solutions. Many customers use the platform to connect with in-house translation staff and freelancers while others use it as a one-stop shop for their content translation needs. For both kinds of companies, Transifex is a great tool to improve their localization efforts. Read on to learn how it can help your business.

Transifex is a platform for content translation and localization that supports Google Translate, Amazon Translator, and Microsoft Translator. It also offers support for multiple file formats and an easy-to-use discussion forum. While Transifex is an excellent tool for localization projects, it’s not perfect. For example, it lacks the complexity of customizing workflows. In addition, users complain about the constant updates.


One of the best ways to streamline your content translation process is to define your terminology in advance. This should include company and product terms that may differ from the terms used in different languages. For example, you may have a term such as “audience” that does not have the same meaning in different languages. In addition, you should also define the meaning of terms such as “control” or “list” before they are translated. By doing this, you will be able to provide a more accurate copy to translators.

Invest in localization technology and professional language services. If you are planning to expand your business internationally, you need to set up a process that allows you to manage multiple languages simultaneously. By integrating localization technologies and language experts, you can streamline the translation process and improve your time to market.

Integrated Design and Layout Service

Adobe’s Integrated Design and Layout Service streamlines and speeds up content translation efforts. This service helps translate website assets into multiple languages. Once your content has been translated, it can then be converted to the appropriate format for your site. Once your translated content has been converted, it must be reviewed for typography, layout, and appropriate design.


TextMaster offers a multilingual content translation service that combines the expertise of qualified translators and writers into one comprehensive global solution. Its platform offers content translation in more than 50 languages and fields of expertise and is used by more than 10,000 clients. It also offers multiple tools to streamline the workflow and ensure a consistent translation.

The TextMaster interface allows users to create translation orders and API templates, define language pairs, choose TMs and glossaries, and select preferred translators. Users can also add translation briefs and activate auto-launch, which launches a translating project automatically once a Phrase order is placed.

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